Historically, an alternative method of obtaining internal condition detail within larger tunnels and sewers would be to commission a Man Entry (Walk Through) Inspection Survey of which Infotec have completed many. This method would typically be undertaken within pipelines above 1200mm, however, due to increased health and safety risks, this service is being phased out by many health & safety conscious asset owners in favour of more autonomous methods which Infotec pride themselves in pioneering.

Whilst it should be acknowledged that Pipeline CCTV presents such an alternative and at significantly lower cost, whilst also allowing easy and speedy gathering of survey data, there are some significant limitations when it comes to the reliability and accuracy of Pipeline CCTV inspection within larger diameter pipes, sewers and culverts. For good reason, Pipeline CCTV has therefore always been considered an unsuitable method of inspection within larger diameter assets in favour of Man Entry Walk Through Methods, despite the significant health & safety risks associated.
The solution to this issue is the deployment of more technologically advanced options such as Remote LiDAR Scanning are available.

Remote LiDAR Scanning prevents personnel entry into confined spaces and provides far superior data capture which can be used for inspection, monitoring, 3D modelling and BIM purposes this. To find out more about our remote LiDAR Scanning service, click here.