Gyroscopic Alignment Systems are based on an entirely difference mapping technique to more conventional systems which relay upon an emitted signal and as such are not limited by depth, pipe material or the quality of signal and absence of interferences. The Gyroscopic Mapping system is passed through the subject pipeline, duct or sewer using a combination of propulsion methods and wheel arrangements and through the combination of on-board gyros, accelerometers, inclinometers and odometer sensors, are able to accurately plot the 3D alignment (X, Y, Z) of the pipe route between 2 fixed points of reference i.e. manhole chamber. A minimum of 4 survey traverses will be conducted where possible in order to satisfy Quality Control Procedures and to minimise accuracy tolerances. The data obtained will then be processed using in-house averaging software to provide maximum accuracy for the plotted alignment, which will be qualified on the final drawing. It should be noted that Gyroscopic Alignment techniques are unaffected by the external factors which would impact alternative techniques such as Electromagnetic Probing and would be the recommended minimum survey level for sewers of significant depth, size or importance.