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Redevelopment of London’s Old Street roundabout

The redevelopment of Old Street Roundabout was always going to present some design and engineering challenges given its busy nature and the complex web of underground infrastructure which included the London Underground Tube and Thames Water Trunk Sewer Networks directly beneath. 



Old Street roundabout

What we did

Infotec were duly appointed by TfL/CVU as Underground Utility Consultants, providing specialist surveys and expertise to mitigate the underground asset risks associated with this scheme. 

Over the course of our involvement, we successfully delivered a package of recommended services including:

  • Preliminary Feasibility Inspections
  • Stats Acquisition and Desk Studies 
  • Gyroscopic Alignment Surveys (Line & Level)
  • Internal 3D LiDAR Scanning of live fast flowing Thames Water Trunk Sewers
  • PAS128 Surveys of other utilities 
  • Specialist In-Pipe GPR and Coring Investigations
  • Ongoing consultancy services

Despite some unique access challenges, particularly within the live Thames Water Trunk Sewer Network, which we overcame through the deployment and adaptation of our specialist survey platforms, we were able to capture an extensive level of detailed underground survey information in 3D format. This ensured that the ongoing design and construction risks were mitigated as far as possible, allowing the client to proceed in confidence to the next phase. The project was a privilege to be involved with and we look forward to seeing the final transformation of this area in 2022.

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