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Build Over — Can You Handle the Risk?

Real estate build over projects is a complex and risky business unless the correct measures are taken to mitigate a potentially catastrophic failure, which can result in extensive litigation, added cost and lengthy project delays.

Protecting both your own assets and the major assets of others is a key factor when embarking on a proposed build over project, especially when piling closely to subterranean structures. Building foundations and excavation machinery can apply dangerous loads onto structures including sewers, pipelines and tunnels and the damage may not be instant or immediately visible, causing future problems for investors, developers and asset managers alike. Infotec provides 3D survey solutions that facilitate safe, close proximity works for build over developments.

So, what are the key considerations and risk points?

Sewers, Pipelines & Tunnels

The plans of underground structures can date back decades and even centuries. Why would any architect or developer work with such data? For example, manhole positions may have changed so a true centreline provides no guarantee of accuracy even if sewers were to run straight which they invariably do not.

To help mitigate this risk, Infotec can provide the following remote mapping and inspection surveys as part of an extensive suite of asset protection services:

Surveys and inspections can be conducted within a range of environments including but not limited to;

  • Drains, Highway Drains & Sewers
  • Culverted Watercourses
  • Utility Pipelines 
  • Service Tunnels
  • Chambers and Wells
  • Basements and other underground structures

Excavations & Earthworks

Don’t underestimate the impact of what may be considered low risk, routine site works. Impacts can be catastrophic to utilities and transport networks, particularly those of certain construction types (i.e. Wedge Block Tunnels) which rely upon the ground above and around for structural integrity and may be adversely impacted by removal of overburden as well as more obvious damage from downward forces.

Excavations can often be seen as low risk and assumed to have no impact on subterranean infrastructure. Utilities and transport networks such as London Underground and other access tunnels can be impacted by even the most routine site works. Understanding the precise working limits of any project is key to asset protection and should be underpinned by detailed and reliable survey information to mitigate risk.

Asset Strike

Structural penetration can have a catastrophic effect on any project. Advanced mapping solutions such as those provided by Infotec can help avoid asset strikes and again, this is critical for sewers and subterranean transport and facilities networks where plans and maps can often be inaccurate or out of date.

Infotec offers pioneering solutions including gyroscopically tracked in-pipe LIDAR and 3D infrastructure point cloud modelling, which can provide you with unparalleled accuracy to mitigate asset strikes. This is especially important with a build over survey, as you can prove your development did not cause damage, no matter how small.

Are you ready to protect your project and assets with a build over survey?

Infotec provides BIM-compliant surveying services across the UK to ensure you build safe, stay safe and maximise your real estate potential, whilst mitigating risk and ensuring first-time success for your project. 

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