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Bespoke survey solution to map and inspect a Victorian sewer in London.

As part of a streetscape redevelopment scheme within the London Borough of Westminster to improve surface-level infrastructure along the market street of Strutton Ground, Infotec were appointed to confirm the precise alignment and condition of a large diameter Victorian Sewer which passed beneath the carriageway.

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What we did

Prior to planned streetscape works, it was essential to obtain sufficient information to ensure that this asset remained protected during the construction phase.

Given the age of the sewer and its design as a dual flowing high point within the public sewerage network, coupled with the heavy drainage demands of the local area with many food retailers and fast food establishments, the condition of the sewer presented many survey challenges due to the levels of silt and fat within the invert. Whilst this was not causing an immediate operational issue within the sewer or wider public sewerage catchment, to survey this structure conventionally using man entry or even standard autonomous techniques, it would have been necessary to significantly pre-cleanse the sewer which would have resulted in major disruption and hugely increased costs to the project.

After attending the site to assess the access challenges in the interests of mitigating further unbudgeted expense to the client, Infotec were able to propose a bespoke survey solution to map and inspect the sewer in its existing condition. This involved the specialist integration of technology including gyroscopic alignment and LiDAR scanning techniques in addition to the bespoke modification of survey platforms and launch methods to ensure that survey data quality was not compromised by the unconventional nature of this application. The survey was delivered successfully and enabled the client to proceed with their plans to regenerate the area without the delay and increased cost that would undoubtedly have resulted from a more conventional approach. This is just one example of the many complex and bespoke surveys successfully delivered by Infotec and the cooperation of a fully supportive client who was able to see the advantages of our unique approach and outside-the-box thinking.

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